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Il versatile editor video

The official description for this type of application is non-linear video editor, which means that it non-destructively edits your film. The original is not touched. The application records the details of which bits you want in your final file, and the output is created from the combination of original and that edit file.


  • Supports a wide range of webcams, cameras and camcorders
  • Can process low resolution AVI files and High Definition Video from professional cameras.
  • Multi-track format allows interleaving of video and sound
  • Audio files, in multi-track, can be cut to tight synchronisation with your video
  • A wide range of effects and transitions are included
  • Custom effects and transitions can be used
  • Can output to a wide range of standard formats
    • DV (PAL or NTSC)
    • Mpeg2 (PAL, NTSC and HDV) and AVCHD (HDV)
    • High quality h264
  • Allows mixing of different types of media, supporting a wide range of codecs and formats
    • Mpeg2, mp4 and h264 video
    • Mp2, mp3 and ac3 audio
    • Lossless video (SNOW lossless codec, etc ...)
    • Free video (Ogg vorbis, etc ...)
  • Full Undo support, for freedom from anxiety
  • Export to many formats, including to Internet websites like Dailymotion, Vimeo and Youtube using presets

Video Editing Made Easy

An overview of the steps required to make a video is on the Kdenlive website, while this page introduces available creative effects.

Creating Chapters and Titles

A wizard is present to guide you through the process in easy stages.


A comprehensive description is available on the project website.

The User Manual is available on-line

The Image Gallery has a number of screenshots, including an overview of the stages of The Wizard.

Linux Journal wrote a comprehensive review, which ended with the verdict "There's a lot to like about Kdenlive, and I like it a lot. Its feature set is full enough to satisfy basic desktop video production needs, and its workflow is uncomplicated and easy to learn."

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