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;[[Special:myLanguage/Kexi/Tutorials/Reports/Kexi Reports for Beginners|Reports for Beginners]]
;[[Special:myLanguage/Kexi/Tutorials/Reports/Kexi Reports for Beginners|Reports for Beginners]]
;[http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/10828 Kexi In Use]: This article takes new users through a range of concepts in Kexi, the Calligra database apps creation program. The features available in Kexi range from simple table and query creation to more advanced reporting and scripting.
== TODO == <!--T:4-->
== TODO == <!--T:4-->

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Contact Jarosław Staniek (kexi @ kde.org) to coordinate our effort.

Drilling Down on Facebook Data
This is an excellent article from Adam Pigg, showcasing just how powerfull Kexi can be. It describes how you can import, process, manipulate and present data from facebook coming from a mbox file. It covers creating a model database to hold the data, importing via script, presenting with a report and chart and exporting collected data.
Parameter queries
(for 1.1 but still valid, at kexi-project.org)
Reports for Beginners


  • Designing one-to-many relationships in Table designer
  • Using combo boxes in table and form views
  • Relationships (feature not available)
  • Subforms (feature not available)

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