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Khipu is an Advanced Mathematical function plotter application.

It is part of the KDE Education Project.

Khipu space-3D

Current features in Khipu

Mainly , Khipu has the following features:

  1. Khipu can draw any 2D and 3D plots supported by Analitza
  2. User can save their work in .khipu file and later he/she can restore the work
  3. If khipu is closed accidentally , the autosave feature will let the user to restore the unsaved work of the previous session.
  4. User can add the plots from the files known as Plot-Dictionary file (.plots files). These files contain the name and equation of the plot. So, user does not have to type a big equation rather, he/she can plot the function from its name.
  5. User can hide/show the plots and also he/she can remove/edit the existing plots.
  6. User can save the plots as PNG image and also take the snapshot of the plots into the clipboard.

Supported plots

  1. Parametric curves (2D/3D).
  2. Implicit curves and surfaces (in cartesian and polar coordinates).
  3. Graphs of real valued functions: curves and surfaces (in cartesian, polar, cylindrical and spherical coordinates ).


Here you can see some screenshots

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