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Kig.png Kig is a program for exploring geometric constructions.

Kig is part of the KDE Education Project.

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All three segment axes of a triangle intersect in one point which is the center of the circumscribed circle.

It is meant as a better replacement for such free programs as KGeo, KSeg and Dr. Geo and commercial programs like Cabri.

Kig is meant as a useful and powerful utility for high school students and teachers, and as a fun project for me and others. I have learned a lot by working on it, and it's fun to work together with other people on it. I've written much of the Kig code myself, but I've also had a lot of help from other people. Please see the about box for more information.



Kig exports to several formats: bitmap images, XFig and SVG vector format, LaTeX)


Kig Macros

Since Kig can import and use third-part macros as built-in objects, it can have new objects, being more and more powerful.

If you don't know how to import a macro, please read the FAQ.

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