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[[Image:klipper-tut-2.png|center|thumb|400px|Seleccionar l'acció de cerca.]]
[[Image:klipper-tut-2.png|center|thumb|400px|Seleccionar l'acció de cerca.]]
== How is it done?==
== Com es fa? ==
'''Klipper''' offers "actions" for it.
'''Klipper''' offers "actions" for it.

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Klipper pot cercar un número de telèfon evidenciat en les guies telefòniques. També podeu ressaltar un número de telèfon en una aplicació arbitrària, per exemple, en un lloc web.

Seleccionar l'acció de cerca.

Com es fa?

Klipper offers "actions" for it.

As precondition Klipper needs to be active and must be visible as a tray icon in the panel.

Call up the Settings dialog and add action:

Regular expression for action:


Now you need to add two commands for added action:

Command 1 (all on one line):

kfmclient openURL "http://www.dastelefonbuch.de/?pid=OpenSearch&cmd=search&kw=%s&le=de"

Description for command 1:

Phonebook search, Konqueror

Command 2 (all on one line):

ps x|grep -q '[f]irefox' && firefox -remote openURL\("http://www.dastelefonbuch.de/?pid=OpenSearch&cmd=search&kw=%s&le=de", new-window\) || firefox "http://www.dastelefonbuch.de/?pid=OpenSearch&cmd=search&kw=%s&le=de"

Description for command 2:

Phonebook search, Firefox

After that it should look like this:

Accions de Klipper

After highlighting a phone number on a web site a small window appears and you will be prompted to select an action. See screenshot at beginning of page.

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