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Klipper/Com cercar en les guies telefòniques utilitzant Klipper

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Klipper can do a search for a highlighted phone no. in telephone books. You can also highlight a phone number in a arbitrary application, e.g. on a web site.

Select search action

How is it done?

Klipper offers "actions" for it.

As precondition Klipper needs to be active and must be visible as a tray icon in the panel.

Call up the Settings dialog and add action:

Regular expression for action:


Now you need to add two commands for added action:

Command 1 (all on one line):

kfmclient openURL ""

Description for command 1:

Phonebook search, Konqueror

Command 2 (all on one line):

ps x|grep -q '[f]irefox' && firefox -remote openURL\("", new-window\) || firefox ""

Description for command 2:

Phonebook search, Firefox

After that it should look like this:

Accions de Klipper

After highlighting a phone number on a web site a small window appears and you will be prompted to select an action. See screenshot at beginning of page.

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