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Koko - browse, edit and share your images

Koko is a simple image gallery application that is designed to view, edit and share the images.


  • The user can browse the images he has.
Koko-normal.png Koko-pushrow.png
  • The user can see an image of a folder in a higher resolution.
Koko-imageviewer.png Koko-imageviewerfull.png
  • The user can make simple edits to the image
    • Brightness - It asks you whether you want to save the changes or not


    • Rotate - Automatically saves the rotated image on the disk


  • The user can share the image.
    • A single image - Just Click the share action at the bottom of the screen


    • Multiple Images - Select images and the "Share all" action will enable for you in the "Context drawer" for the mobile UI and in the bottom "Toolbar" for the desktop UI


  • The user can view images according to folders, time (days, weeks, years) and places.
Koko-normal.png Koko-filterweek.png
  • Select multiple images at a time and delete or share them.

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