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|[[Image:KolourpaintMisty.png|thumb|265px]]|| '''The easy-to-use paint application from KDE.'''
|[[Image:KolourpaintMisty.png|thumb|265px]]|| '''Проста у користуванні програма для малювання у KDE.'''

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Проста у користуванні програма для малювання у KDE.

KolourPaint aims to be a painting application for the user that has "average" needs. It keeps a simple and clean interface, with all the tools expected.


  • Full set of tools for line, brush and spray painting, shape creation and text addition.
  • Range of selection tools.
  • Choice between Opaque and Transparent selections.
  • Undo, Redo and Clipboard support
  • Colour Similarity support - fill those dithered areas
  • Draw transparent icons and logos on a checkerboard background
  • All tools can draw in the Transparent Colour
  • Autocrop support
  • Many image effects including Balance, Scaling, and Rotation.
  • Open and save many image formats, including PCX (with preview)
  • Can control your scanner - scan directly into canvas.

and much more.

Scanning into the canvas

The features are fully explained in the Project Handbook. The Project's home page is at http://www.kolourpaint.org/

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