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* '''Name:''' Konqueror [[Image:Konqueror.png|right|48px]]
* '''Name:''' Konqueror [[Image:Konqueror.png|right|48px]]
* '''Description:''' Web Browser
* '''Description:''' Web Browser
* '''Categories:''' [[Applications/Desktop|The Desktop]] and [[Applications/Internet|Internet]]
* '''Categories:''' [[Applications/Desktop|Desktop]] and [[Applications/Internet|Internet]]
* '''Version:''' 4.2.3
* '''Version:''' 4.2.3
* '''Available for:''' 4.2.3
* '''Available for:''' 4.2.3

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KThe multi-talented file manager and browser

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  • Powerful and flexible file manager
  • Standards-compliant KHTML browser engine
  • Embedded viewing of files thanks to KParts
  • Multiple split views and tabs
  • Sidebars and extensions to provide additional functionality
  • Integration with other KDE apps like KGet Download Manager and Akregator Feed Reader
  • Remote and pseudo-filesystem file management through KIO


Home >> Applications >> Desktop >> Konqueror

Home >> Applications >> Internet >> Konqueror

Konqueror is an optional file manager.

Among its many talents is the ability to split windows, allowing access to a number of directories at one glance.

The Konqueror File Browser

Konqueror is also an able web browser, supporting java applets, javascript, CSS, and a variety of plugins.

The Konqueror Web Browser

Konqueror is also a universal viewing application, thanks to its ability to embed audio, video and document viewers.


I'd like Konqueror to be my default file manager

Starting KDE 4.2, you can change the default file manager through System Settings --> Default Applications

Using GMail's Web Interface in Konqueror

This forum page deals with improving the display of GMail within Konqueror


File manager, File browser, File management, web browser, Internet, file viewer, embedded preview, KPart, KIO

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