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The Konqueror Welcome Screen
  Konqueror is the multi-talented file manager and browser

Kde3-button.pngKonqueror is the default file manager.

Kde4-button.pngKonqueror is an optional file manager.

Among its many talents is the ability to split windows, allowing access to a number of directories at one glance.

The Konqueror File Browser

In both KDE3 and KDE4 Konqueror is an able web browser, supporting java applets, javascript, CSS, and a variety of plugins.

The Konqueror Web Browser

Konqueror is also a universal viewing application, thanks to its ability to embed audio, video and document viewers.

FAQs, Hints and Tips

I'd like Konqueror to be my default file manager

Use System Settings > Advanced tab > File Associations. Type 'inode' in the search box, then select Directory (and later, Directory-locked). Move Konqueror to the top of the applications list.

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