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Kontact presentation small.jpg
Kontact is the integrated Personal Information Manager of KDE, but can be used with other systems as well.

It supports email, address books, calendars, tasks, news feeds and much more.

The Kontact suite is the powerful PIM solution of KDE. It lets you handle email, agenda, contacts and other 'personal' data together in one place by delivering innovations to help you manage your communications more easily, organize your work faster and work together more closely, resulting in more productivity and efficiency in digital collaboration.

Documentation for Kontact is also available.


KDE Kontact supports various groupware servers. When using these servers your workgroup has access to features like shared email folders, group task lists, calendar sharing, central address books and meeting scheduling.

Kontact consists of the Kontact PIM back end and the graphical applications connecting to the back end. Special 'agents' (say a facebook agent) are employed to get new data in and merge it in the existing data set (for example contacts, news). Due to the clean infrastructure new agents are easy to develop.

這些程式整合成 Kontact 中:

  • 摘要 - Kontact 的摘要介面
  • Akregator - 閱讀你最愛的訂閱資訊
  • KAddressBook - 管理你的連絡人
  • KJots - 組織您的主意到一個筆記本中
  • KMail - 電子郵件用戶端
  • KNode - 您的 Usenet 郵件閱讀器
  • KNotes - 桌面即時貼
  • KOrganizer - 日曆和行程安排,日記
  • KTimeTracker - 追蹤您在各種任務中花費的時間



對於緊急的求助,可以去Freenode 的IRC 頻道。

  • 適合Kontact使用者和開發人員的頻道- #kontact

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