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There are some packages of Kontact Touch for MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan. This is the operating system of the Nokia N9 (and N950) smartphones.


To install the packages you have to switch your phone into developer mode, since the packages are not yet available in the Application Store (reachable via Settings -> Security -> Developer Mode). This will also install an ssh server on your device which makes the rest of the installation much more comfortable.

Configure SSH

This step is not really necessary since you can also do everything directly on the terminal of your device.

To connect to your ssh server you first have to set a password for the "user" account. To do that open the Terminal application and use devel-su to log in as root (default root password is rootme) and set the password for the user by calling passwd user. Now you are able to connect to your device as user and configure the OpenSSH server as usual.


Kontact Touch packages need three repositories so that all dependencies can be installed. To enable them (as root):

echo "deb http://repo.pub.meego.com/home:/rzr:/harmattan/MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_Maemo.org_MeeGo_1.2_Harmattan_standard/ ./
deb http://harmattan-dev.nokia.com/ harmattan/sdk free non-free
deb https://files.kolab.org/local/maemo/dists/harmattan ./" >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/community.list

Installation with apt-get

To install the most recent version of Kontact Touch you can then call:

apt-get update
apt-get install kdepim-mobile
If you get an error like:
https://downloads.maemo.nokia.com ./ libgmp3c2 2:4.3.2+dfsg-1+maemo5+0m6
The requested URL returned error: 404
You can get the the package here and install it manually with dpkg -i. The link to this package appears to be broken in the Nokia repository.

Note: With the Harmattan Beta 2 image you might also get conflicts with packages having more recent versions in the community repository then on the platform. This can cause conflicts with the mp-harmattan package. To avoid those you can pin down the community repo by creating the file /etc/apt/preferences with the content:

       Explanation: Dont update platform packages
       Package: *
       Pin: origin repo.pub.meego.com
       Pin-Priority: 99

Known problems (Version 20111120)

Installation with the community repository is problematic as the kontact touch packages were built with a newer libgpgme then the one that is available from Nokia which causes conflicts with the mp-harmattan-pr package. To resolve those you have to uninstall the mp-harmattan-pr meta package (do not do an apt-get autormove afterwards!)

The Strigi daemon fails to start putting up an error message now and then and causing address completion and full text search not to work.

The icons might be just some strange red squares until you restart.

Additional Notes

Make sure to check out the general Kontact Touch page, especially note the recommendation to use KWallet in the account setup section.

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