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    There are beta packages of Kontact Touch for MeeGo. Many people use the netbook/tablet Ideapad with MeeGo Netbook UX 1.1. Have you seen the Video? Short installation instructions, using the commandline (reachable via Applications -> Systemtools -> Terminal) :

    zypper addrepo http://repo.pub.meego.com/Project:/KDE:/Devel/MeeGo_1.2_OSS/Project:KDE:Devel.repo
    zypper refresh
    zypper install kontact-touch

    Just use the icons to start one of the Kontact Touch frontends. (Since 2011-02-09.)

    Make sure to check out the general Kontact Touch page, especially note the recommendation to use KWallet in the account setup section.

    On touch displays with a frame, e.g. the ideapad, it can be more difficult to hit the flaps within the applications as you cannot slide in the finger from the left. In this case, you can make some changes to some files in your installation to make the flaps wider: Try this patch from the corresponding post on the mailinglist and restart your frontend.

    Initial developers version announced here.