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On this page you can find information about how to make Konversation open links in your favorite browser.

Konversation and KDE Components

Konversation makes use of KDE's default browser setting to open links in a browser. See the System Settings/Default Applications page for details on how to set the KDE default web browser.

Alternative way of making Konversation open links

If for whichever reason KDE components is not available to you (for example when you're using a different window manager and would still like to use Konversation), it is possible to specify your favorite browser inside of Konversation. To do this:

  1. In Konversation, click on Settings -> Configure Konversation... -> Behavior -> General.
  2. In this menu, check the checkbox for "Use custom Web browser:" and in the input box, fill in a browser specific command.
  3. Click Apply.

Browser specific commands


  • To make links open in a new tab use:
 opera -newpage
  • To make links open in a new window:
 opera -newwindow

For a full list of command parameters refer to:

 opera --help

Firefox and Mozilla

Prior to version 36, Firefox and Mozilla use a remote control script that will send commands to an already existing process.

  • To make links open in a new tab use:
 firefox -remote "openURL(%u,new-tab)"
  • To make links open in a new window use:
 firefox -remote "openURL(%u,new-window)"

Of course, if you use Mozilla instead of Firefox, you need to substitute firefox with mozilla in the above command.

See remote control of unix mozilla for more information.

On Firefox >= 36 -remote control was removed.

  • To make links open in a new tab use:
 firefox %u
  • To make links open in a new window use:
 firefox -new-window %u

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