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== 編譯 Slackware 包 ==
== 編譯 Slackware 包 ==
The method used by the Slackware distribution itself to build packages is to use scripts called SlackBuilds which compile and build a Slackware .tgz/txz package.  Additional scripts to those provided by the Official Slackware source tree are available from a free repository at [http://slackbuilds.org/ SlackBuilds.org] and you can find a current [http://slackbuilds.org/result/?search=konversation script for Konversation] on the same site.
Slackware 發行版用來編譯軟體套件是用叫 SlackBuilds 的腳本,編譯成 .tgz/txz 的套件。官方提供的額外腳本在 [http://slackbuilds.org/ SlackBuilds.org] ,你搜索 [http://slackbuilds.org/result/?search=konversation Konversation的編譯腳本]看看。
SlackBuilds.org provides [http://slackbuilds.org/howto/ build instructions] for the SlackBuilds it makes available.  More support is available in the #slackbuilds channel on Freenode.
SlackBuilds.org 有提供 [http://slackbuilds.org/howto/ 編譯教程]。更多信息可以上 Freenode 的 #slackbuilds 頻道。

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編譯 Slackware 包

Slackware 發行版用來編譯軟體套件是用叫 SlackBuilds 的腳本,編譯成 .tgz/txz 的套件。官方提供的額外腳本在 SlackBuilds.org ,你搜索 Konversation的編譯腳本看看。

SlackBuilds.org 有提供 編譯教程。更多信息可以上 Freenode 的 #slackbuilds 頻道。

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