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Un client IRC facile da usare


  • Caratteristiche standard di IRC;
  • supporto SSL;
  • supporto per i segnalibri;
  • interfaccia grafica facile da usare;
  • server e canali multipli in una sola finestra;
  • trasferimento file DCC;
  • identità multiple per server differenti;
  • decorazioni e colori del testo;
  • notifiche visive;
  • supporto automatico a UTF-8;
  • supporto alla codifica per canale;
  • temi per le icone dei nick;
  • altamente configurabile.


Konversation gives you speedy access to Freenode's IRC channels, where you will find support for most distributions. Its defaults are such that it needs no configuration other than telling it the name of your distribution channel, to get started.

There is also a full manual on-line, and the home pages also have several screenshots, including one of the configuration screen.

Konversation is part of KDE Extragear.




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