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XMPP eller Jabber (disse ord betyder det samme) er navnet på en åben, decentral netværksprotokol, som bruges til instant messaging. Den er designet som en server-klient-infrastruktur med mange servere over hele internettet, hvor enhver kan få en konto. Serverne er normalt forbundne til mange klienter på den ene side og til andre af internettets XMPP-servere på den anden. Lad os opfinde et lille eksempel for at forklare, hvordan det virker:

Romeo loves Juliet and wants to communicate with her through the Jabber network. He can write messages from his client (which is connected with montague.net) to his girlfriend, whose client is connected to a server called capulet.com.

When he registered an account on a server, he chose a so-called JID (Jabber-Identifier). This JID works basically like an E-Mail-Address and is connected to the server's name with an "@". An example for Romeo's valid JID is romeo@montague.net.

In order to talk to other people, Romeo has to add their JIDs to his contact list. They may be connected to the same server (e.g. bob@montague.net) as well as they can originate from another server (e.g. peter@wasinet.org or, of course, juliet@capulet.com).

Visualization of the Jabber network

Jabber/XMPP is of course capable of a lot more services (e.g. end-to-end encryption of the messages, voice- and videochat, groupchat), which the tutorial will partly introduce later.

Two very big instant messaging providers use Jabber/XMPP on their servers in the background: Google Talk and facebook chat. Accounts within these systems can be used just like normal Jabber accounts in Kopete. Details will be explained later or can be found at these provider's websites.

With this information we can begin with the main part tutorial: How to set up a working jabber-client and which nice features Kopete has got.

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