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  Krita is an open source digital painting and drawing application

You can get regular updates and news at Krita's official

Krita is an free and cross-platform creativity application for digital painting, image manupulation, concept art, comics and texture creation. It is modeled on existing real-world painting materials and workflows, but also utilize functions like layers, filters, vector path drawing, typography, and built-in color management support. Krita is a KDE application based on Calligra platform.

Krita 2.4 Beta -- painting by David Revoy


  • Drawing and painting oriented design
  • Right-click quick access to color history and favorite brushes
  • Highly adjustable brush system
  • Layers with various mixing options, including multiply, overlay and opacity control
  • Can create vector layers with complex objects and editable texts
  • Supports autosave
  • Customizable toolbar, shortcuts and drag-and-drop panels
  • Wide range document formats support, including GIMP and Adobe Photoshop
  • Built-in color management system, supports color space conversion, RGB, CMYK and L*a*b, etc.
  • Extensible through OpenShiva, Python or Ruby scripts
  • Cross-platform, supports various GNU/Linux distributions, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX


Krita has a highly flexible and user-friendly interface. It grants users the liberty to customize its toolbar, shortcuts as well as drag-and-grop dockable panels. A nice right-click splash menu enables quick access to color history and favorite brush sets, providing a convenient and immersive user interaction.

Supported Formats

Native Load and Save

  1. Krita document (.kri)
  2. OpenRaster Archiving image (.ora)
  3. PPM image
  4. PGM image
  5. PBM image
  6. PNG image
  7. JPEG image
  8. Windows BMP image
  9. XPM image
  10. XBM image
  11. TIFF image
  12. EXR image

Import and Export

  1. Open Document Drawing
  2. Photoshop image (.psd)
  3. GIMP image (.xcr)
  4. PDF document
  5. GIF image
  6. Nikon NEF raw image
  7. Canon CR2 raw image
  8. Sony SR2 raw image
  9. Canon CRW raw image
  10. Pentax PEF raw image
  11. Sigma X3F raw image
  12. Kodak KDC raw image
  13. Minolta MRW raw image
  14. Sony ARW raw image
  15. Kodak K25 raw image
  16. Kodak DCR raw image
  17. Olympus ORF raw image
  18. Panasonic raw image
  19. Panasonic raw2 image
  20. Fuji RAF raw image
  21. Sony SRF raw image
  22. Adobe DNG negative
  23. SVG image
  24. compressed SVG image
  25. WMF image
  26. Wordperfect / Drawperfect image
  27. Karbon14 drawing
  28. EPS
  29. PS document

Draft Krita 2 Handbook

Krita needs a new handbook: the 1.6 handbook is completely obsolete. Please find the ongoing draft effort at Krita 2 Manual and help out with new content.

Getting Krita

Krita can be downloaded as a part of Calligra Suite.

More Information

Hints, Tips and Tutorials

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