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Krita 2.4 with right-click quick access ring shown -- painting by Tyson Tan
Krita Logo (as of 2.4)
Krita, the KDE digital painting and drawing application

Designed for digital painting, concept art, comics and texture creation, modeled on existing real painting tools. Feature rich, with an ergonomic and flexible user interface.

Visit Krita's official website for development


Krita is an free and cross-platform creativity application for digital painting, image manipulation, concept art, comics and the creation of textures for things like game art or 3D models. It is designed around existing real-world painting materials and artist workflows, but it is also packed with functions digital artists require, like layers, filters, vector-based path drawing, typography tools, and built-in color-management support. Krita is a KDE application based on the Calligra platform.


  • Designed specifically for artists, to promote natural drawing and painting workflows
  • Unique "Artist Palette" with color wheel, color history and favorite brushes is available with right-click
  • Multiple highly configurable brush engines create endless opportunities to mimic natural media or create new and unique brush strokes.
  • Layers offer standard Blending Modes, including multiply, overlay, screen, etc...) as well as opacity control, however they also provide adjustments and fine tuning within specific layer types.
  • Supports Vector Layers with the ability to create and edit complex Path, Curve or Text-based objects.
  • Supports Autosave (1+ min >)
  • Supports User-customizable toolbar, shortcuts and drag-and-drop panels.
  • Wide range document formats support, including GIMP and Adobe Photoshop
  • Built-in Color Management System, supports color space conversion, RGB, CMYK and L*a*b, etc.
  • Extensible through OpenShiva, Python or Ruby scripts
  • Cross-platform, supports various GNU/Linux distributions, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX


Krita has a highly flexible and user-friendly interface. It grants users the liberty to customize its toolbar, shortcuts and specific tool options via drag-and-drop dockable tabbed-panels. A nice right-click splash ring enables quick access to color selector, color history and favorite brush sets, providing a convenient and immersive user experience. Customized workspace can be saved and loaded according to different tasks.


Krita allows users to easily right-click and customize its toolbars. There are two toolbars in Krita: "Files" toolbar and "Brushes and Stuff" toolbar. You may add or remove whatever functions of the toolbars, change text position, icon size and ordering. Texts on the button can be changed or even overlapped by assigning any desirable icons to them (with KDE plasma workspace installed). While customizing toolbars, the function list is searchable.


Shortcuts can be easily modified in Krita. You may assign a main shortcut and also an alternative shortcut to a single command. While customizing shortcuts, the command list is searchable. User will be notified for conflicting commands.


Dockers are tool option panels which can be drag-and-dropped in Krita. You may put them wherever you want and resize them horizontally and vertically. Multiple dockers can be grouped in a shared space and switch between them by tabs. By right-clicking on the title area of any panels you can easily add or remove panels from a complete list. A docker can also be collapsed to save space while not used.


There are two kinds of palettes in Krita: the ordinary palette for color presents which is a docker, and the not-so-ordinary palette for quick access to color selector, color history and favorite brushes. This quick access palette can be called up by right-clicking anywhere on the canvas, which liberate the artist from interruption in switching among colors and tools, thus provides an immersive user experience. Favorite brushes can be added to the palette by clicking on the toolbar button Save to Palette.

Brush System

Krita has a powerful and highly adjustable brush system modeled on various existing real-world drawing tools. In brush settings different genre of tools are grouped separately, each of them has tens of specified options which allow artists to adjust them throughly. On the right-side area of the brush setting window is a sketchpad to test the current brush settings, you may assign any background color and gradient to the sketchpad by clicking the icons below it.

While using the brush tool ("Paint with brushes" in toolbox), you may change brush size by holding Shift and drag brush-tip horizontally on the canvas. By holding Ctrl you temporarily switch to color-picker. By holding middle-mouse button you can move canvas. Right-click for quick palette. Quick sliders of Opacity, Flow and Size can be found on Krita's brush toolbar, while only two can be shown at the same time, you may click the plus button on the right to switch between different sliders.

Stable Brushes

  1. Pixel (Normal) brushes
  2. Smudge brushes
  3. Duplicate brushes
  4. Filter brushes
  5. Hairy brushes
  6. Hatching brushes

Experimental Brushes

  1. Chalk brushes
  2. Color Smudge brushes
  3. Curve brushes
  4. Deform brushes
  5. Dyna (Dynamic) brushes
  6. Experiment brushes
  7. Grid brushes
  8. Particle brushes
  9. Sketch brushes
  10. Spray brushes

Supported File Formats

The following file formats can be opened directly by Krita. However, you can only save directly to native supported formats. Use export to save files in formats which are not natively supported. Depending on your operating system and building environment, some file formats may not be supported.

Native Load and Save

  1. Krita document (.kra)
  2. OpenRaster Archiving image (.ora)
  3. PPM image
  4. PGM image
  5. PBM image
  6. PNG image
  7. JPEG image
  8. Windows BMP image
  9. XPM image
  10. XBM image
  11. TIFF image
  12. EXR image

Import and Export

  1. Open Document Drawing
  2. Photoshop image (.psd)
  3. GIMP image (.xcr)
  4. PDF document
  5. GIF image
  6. Nikon NEF raw image
  7. Canon CR2 raw image
  8. Sony SR2 raw image
  9. Canon CRW raw image
  10. Pentax PEF raw image
  11. Sigma X3F raw image
  12. Kodak KDC raw image
  13. Minolta MRW raw image
  14. Sony ARW raw image
  15. Kodak K25 raw image
  16. Kodak DCR raw image
  17. Olympus ORF raw image
  18. Panasonic raw image
  19. Panasonic raw2 image
  20. Fuji RAF raw image
  21. Sony SRF raw image
  22. Adobe DNG negative
  23. SVG image
  24. compressed SVG image
  25. WMF image
  26. Wordperfect / Drawperfect image
  27. Karbon14 drawing
  28. EPS
  29. PS document

Draft Krita 2 Handbook

Krita needs a new handbook: the 1.6 handbook is completely obsolete. Please find the ongoing draft effort at Krita 2 Manual and help out with new content.

Getting Krita

Krita can be downloaded as a part of Calligra Suite.

More Information

Hints, Tips and Tutorials

Tutorials on UserBase

Video tutorials

Comics with Krita DVD Tutorial

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