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Undo History Docker

Krita Undo History Docker.png

This docker allows you to quickly shift between undo states, and even go back in time far more quickly that rapidly reusing CTRL+Z

Cumulative Undo

This feature is new in Krita 2.9.

Right click an item in the undo-history docker to enable cumulative undo. Right click again to change the parameters:

Start merging time
The amount of seconds required to consider a group of strokes to be worth one undo step.
Group time
According to this parameter -- groups are made. Every stroke is put into the same group till two consecutive strokes have a time gap of more than T seconds. Then a new group is started.
Split strokes.
A user may want to keep the ability of Undoing/Redoing his last N strokes. Once N is crossed -- the earlier strokes are merged into the group's first stroke.

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