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Color Selector Settings

These settings directly affect Advanced Color Selector Docker and the same dialog box appears when the user clicks the settings button in that docker as well.


When the widget gets shrunken
Three options here tell the docker what to do when the widget gets too small. This is mostly to conserve space in the UI.
  • Hide Shade Selector:Selecting this will hide the shade selector when the docker is too small.
  • Change to Horizontal layout:Change the layout to horizontal.
  • Do Nothing:This option will make the docker change nothing on size change.
Zoom Selectors
A small square section can be zoomed in for precise selection in the docker. The user can set the zoom behaviour of the docker with the options below
  • When Pressing Mid Mouse Button : The small zoomed square will show up when the middle mouse button is pressed over the docker.
  • On Mouse Over : The small zoomed square will show up when the cursor is on top of the docker area.
  • Never : The small square never shows up.
  • Zoom To Size : The user can set the size of the zoomed square here.

Color Space

The user can select which color space the docker uses to display colors.

Use Image Color Space
Selecting this will tell the docker to use the current document's color space.
Use Custom Color Space
Any color space can be selected here, independent of the color space and bit depth of the current document. For instance, you can use a Lab color space with 16 bits in an 8 bit RGB image.
The color model for the color selector. The Options available are RGB, XYZ, CMYK, Lab, YCbCr and Grayscale.
The bit depth for the color selector. Options available are 8 bits, 16 bits and 32 bit float.
The ICC profile for the color selector. The Options available are different for each color model.

Color Selector

Type and Shape
The user can select which type of color selector to show in the docker from the options shown below

Shade Selector

The user can select the type of shade selector to show in the docker.

This shows a MyPaint like shade selector.
This shows a version with three or more lines of shades below the main selector. More options for this type can be set in the sections below.
Do Not Show
This doesn't show any shade selector, just the main color selector is visible.

Update Shade Selector When – The user can specify when to update the shade selector. Four options are available. More than one option can be selected at a time.

Right Clicking on Shade Selector
This updates the shade selector upon right clicking on it.
Left Clicking on Shade Selector
This updates the shade selector upon left clicking on it.
Foreground Color Changes
This updates the shade selector as soon as the foreground color changes.
Background Color Changes
This updates the shade selector as soon as the background color changes.

Minimal Shade Selector – Options for the minimal shade selector can be set here.

Line Count
The number of lines to show in the shade selector.
Line Height
The height of each line in the shade selector.
This option shows a smooth gradient of color in each line.
Color Patches
This option shows patches of color in each line.
Patches per Line
This sets the number of patches in the lines.
Delta and Shift 
When the user clicks on any line, a dialog box appears where that line can be edited. At the bottom of the box user can edit values in the Delta and Shift boxes to make a new Line or select from the ones that come along with Krita. Both Delta and Shift, have boxes for Hue, Saturation and Value.

Color Patches

Color History 
Krita records colors selected using the selector and displays them in the history section.
Colors From the Image
Krita displays colors from the image in this section.

Both Color History and Colors From the Image have similar options which will explained below.

This is a radio button to show or hide the section.
The size of the color boxes can be set here.
Patch Count
The number of patches to display.
The direction of the patches, Horizontal or Vertical.
Allow Scrolling
Whether to allow scrolling in the section or not when there are too many patches.
Number of Columns/Rows
The number of Columns or Rows to show in the section.
Update After Every Stroke
This is only available for Colors From the Image and tells the docker whether to update the section after every stroke or not, as after each stroke the colors will change in the image.

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