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Under Construction
This is a new page, currently under construction!
This manual is a rewrite of the 1.6 manual. It is not complete.

The Resource Manager

The Resource Manager will be availeble in Krita 2.9. It is a tool to allow artists to manage the resources in their copy of Krita. This page will be updated as more details are known.

Resources - General:

Resources are pluggable bits of data, like brush presets or patterns. Krita has of 2.9, the following resources:

  1. Bundles
  2. Brushes
  3. Gradients
  4. Paintop presets
  5. Patterns
  6. Palettes
  7. Workspaces


All Krita resources can be tagged. These tags can be added via the resource manager, but also via the appropriate docker. You can then use tags to filter the resources. Tags are saved in an xml file in #home/.kde/share/apps/krita/tags on Linux or C:\Users\$User\AppData\Roaming\.kde\share\apps\krita\tags on Windows.

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