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Introduction To Selections

Selections are used when working on a part of a layer, there are many tools to describe what you want to select. Once an area is selected most tools will stay inside that area. On that area you can draw or use gradients to quickly get colored and/or shaded shapes with hard edges.

Made with a selection and gradients

You can also use the transform tools on your selection, a great way to try different proportions on parts of your image.

Part of image transformed

Pixel & Vector

Vector selections can can modify as any other vector shape with the "Shape Handle" tool, if you try to paint on a vector selection it will be converted into a pixel selection. Pixel selections can be painted with any tool. You can also convert vector shapes to selection.

In turn, vector selections can be made from vector shapes, and vector shapes can be converted to vector selections using the options in the selections menu. Krita will add a new vector layer for this shape.

Copy Paste

Copy Ctrl+C Ctrl+Ins

Paste Ctrl+V Shift+Ins

Cut Ctrl+X Shift+Del

Copy From All Layers Ctrl+Shift+C

Copy Selection to New Layer Ctrl+Alt+J

Cut Selection to New Layer Ctrl+Shift+J


Using a selection tool, a selection layer is created if one is not selected (note that the "normal" global selection mask is hidden by default, see Global Selection), the shape is then drawn on that layer as a black/white mask. You can do this manually by adding a "local selection" layer and painting on it with any tool.

Rectangle Rectangular Selection Tool Icon.PNG Select the shape of a square.
Ellipse Elliptical Selection Tool Icon.PNG Select the shape of a circle.
Paint Replaced by selection layers / masks.
Polygon Polygonal Selection Tool Icon.PNG Click where you want each point of the Polygon to be. Double click to end your polygon and finalize your selection area. Use Shift+z to undo last point.
Outline Outline Selection Tool Icon.PNG Outline/Lasso tool is used for a rough selection by drawing the outline.
Fill  ? Contiguous or "Magic Wand" selects a field of color, adjust the fuzziness to allow more changes in the field of color, by default limited to the current layer.
Color Similar Color Selection Tool Icon.PNG Similar Color selects all areas anywhere in the image with a color close to the one picked.
Path Bezier Curve Selection Tool Icon.PNG Path select an area based on a vector path, click to get sharp corners or drag to get flowing lines and close the path with enter or connecting back to the first point.

View Mode

In the bottom left hand corner of the status bar there is a button to toggle how the selection is displayed Walking Ants or red Mask. (It's red because of an old physical photo masking brand used red on their masks) You can edit the color under settings->configure Krita->Display->Selection Overlay.

Display or hide selection with Ctrl+H.


You can use the select tools with different actions set in the tool options or with these shortcuts.

Action Modifier Shortcut
Replace Ctrl -
Intersect Shift+Alt -
Add Shift A
Subtract Alt S


Command Shortcut
All Ctrl + A
Invert Ctrl + Shift + I
Deselect Ctrl + Shift + A
Reselect Ctrl + Shift + D
Feather Shift+F6

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