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View Menu

Krita Menu View.png

Show Canvas Only
Only shows the canvas and what you have configured to show in Canvas Only Settings
Fullscreen mode
This will hide the system bar.
Mirror View
This will mirror the view. Hit M to quickly activate it. Very useful during painting.
Wrap Around Mode
This will show the image as if tiled orthographically. Very useful for tiling 3d textures. Hit W to quickly activate it.
Show Rulers
This will display a set of rulers. Rightclick the rulers after showing them, to change the units.
Show Status Bar
This will show the status bar. The status bar contains a lot of important information, a zoom widget, and the button to switch Selection Display Mode.
Show Grid
Shows and hides the grid. ctrl+shift+' is the default hotkey.
Grid spacing
A quick way to change the Grid Settings
Show Perspective Grid
Shows the Perspective Grids
Clear Perspective Grid
Clear all Perspective Grids
Show Painting Assistants
Shows or hides the Assistants
Show Painting Previews
Shows or hides the Assistants

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