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Sometimes it is useful to have your most visited folders to be accessible in just one click. If you have some empty space on Krusader toolbar you can put the shorcuts to your folders there.

The shortcut can be created as follows:

Create the bookmark for the folder. Open the folder on active Krusader panel, click on the Icon-get-hot-new-stuff.png button at the right of panel address bar.

BookMan II menu

Choose Bookmark Current.

Add Bookmark dialog

Choose the appropriate name and folder for the bookmark. Create folder if needed.

Right-click the toolbar and choose Configure Toolbars... from the context menu.

Toolbar context menu

Use Filter editbox to find your bookmark from Available actions list. Select the bookmark item and push Icon-go-next.png to add the bookmark to the Current actions list. Change the icon and the text of the new toolbar button if needed.

Adding bookmark to the toolbar

Press OK to save the changes.

Use the toolbar context menu to change the Text Position for your shortcut (text can help you to distinguish the shortcut from the other toolbar buttons).

The new bookmark on the toolbar

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