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Short guide to the software which is included in your Kubuntu installation.


The software in the KDE SC (Software Compilation) is amazing. These are some of the foundational pieces of software that make it all work:

  • Plasma is the KDE workspace, and is a technology that can adapt to many types of devices. Currently there are three varieties of Plasma:
  • the Plasma Desktop environment
  • the Plasma Netbook environment
  • the Plasma Active new, cool environment for pads and smartphones
  • KWin is KDE's reliable and flexible window manager with hardware accelerated effects for added beauty and usability.
  • Oxygen gives your desktop a refreshing and breath-taking visual appearance.
  • Phonon brings the magic of sound and video to your desktop.
  • Solid helps make your hardware just work.
  • Nepomuk is about classification, organisation, and presentation of data.
  • Akonadi is responsible for providing applications with a centralized database to store, index, and retrieve the user's personal information.

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