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Basic Concepts


LabPlot worksheet layout properties.png
  • Vertical Layout
LabPlot worksheet vertical layout.png
  • Horizontal Layout
LabPlot worksheet horizontal layout.png
  • Grid Layout

In the grid layout the plots are arranged in multiple columns and rows. The number of columns and rows can be modified by the user. In the example below six plots are arranged in two rows and three columns:

LabPlot worksheet 2x3 grid layout.png

The same plots can also be arranged in three rows and two columns:

LabPlot worksheet 3x2 grid layout.png

Note how the sizes of the plots are automatically adjusted to fit to the fixed size of the worksheet.

  • Advanced Layout

More advanced layouts with arbitrary positions and sizes of the plots are achieved by deactivating the automatic layouting in the worksheet (option "No Layout") and by setting the positions and sizes manually.

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