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|Breeze / Breeze-Dark
|Breeze / Breeze-Dark
|colspan="2"|[https://github.com/KDE/breeze Yes]
|colspan="2"|[https://github.com/KDE/breeze Ja]
|colspan="2"|[https://github.com/KDE/breeze-gtk Yes]
|colspan="2"|[https://github.com/KDE/breeze-gtk Yes]

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Navn Qt Aurorae* GTK 2 GTK 3
Breeze / Breeze-Dark Ja Yes
Oxygen Yes Yes No
Arc / Arc-Darker / Arc-Dark Yes Yes
Adapta / Adapta-Nokto Yes Yes
Materia / Materia-light / Materia-dark Yes Yes
Numix Yes No Yes
Nomad Yes Yes
Adwaita Yes No Yes
Pop Yes No Yes

* For themes which do not provide Aurorae window decorations, a consistent look can be achieved by using gtk3-nocsd to disable GTK 3's client-side decorations.

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