Live CDs - a way to choose your distro

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A Live CD allows you to test-drive the usually latest stable version of KDE and applications written for it without the need to install Linux or to change your existing Linux installation. These distributions boot and run completely from the CD and don't modify your hard disks. They can therefore be tried on a Windows computer without risk. All listed CDs are freely available for download.


The father of most compressed Live CDs. Based on Debian, and using Kudzu by Red Hat, the desktop defaults to KDE. New releases are very frequent. They always have a fairly recent KDE to display. Thanks, Klaus! Great Job!


Kubuntu LiveCD

A live CD version of Kubuntu Linux, Ubuntu's KDE brother.



Based on Red Hat's commercial linux offerings, Fedora is somtimes considered 'community version'. The LiveCD also offers installation to the hard drive.

Fedora download page


A very popular linux distro in Brazil. Allways with a very recent version of KDE. Based on Knoppix.



Based on Debian, Kudzu by Red Hat. The disk also offers installation to hard drive.


Morphix KDE

Based on Knoppix. Special versions such as LiveKiosk and Asterix PBX are available.



Based on Mandrake (now known as Mandriva).


Slax - Live CD

Based on Slackware. 8cm CD-R. With modular structure and pseudo read-write CD filesystem.


OpenSUSE Live-CD / Live-DVD

Doesn't allow installation to hard drive.



Based on Debian. Intended to be % compatible


New Live CDs and DVDs are becoming available all the time. If you've heard of a distro and think you'd like to try it, do an Internet search for it. You may well find that a Live CD is available.

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