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In this tutorial you learn how to create and manage bookmarks on a map in Marble.

Add bookmarks

Bookmarks can be added in two different ways. Both show the same dialog window to change the name and description of the bookmark.

Bookmark addbookmark.png

A useful default name for the bookmark name is automatically suggsted when there is an internet connection. If there is no internet connection the plain geodetic coordinates of the center are suggested by default. After adding a place as bookmark, it's part of the Bookmarks menu in the menu bar.

Bookmark menulist.png

You can center on the bookmarked location by simply clicking on the menu entry.

Menu Bar

The currently centered position is opened in the dialog mentioned above by clicking Bookmarks -> Add Bookmark.

Context Menu

By right clicking on the map and choosing Add Bookmark a position can be added to your favorites.

Bookmark contextmenu.png

Remove bookmarks

You can remove all bookmarks using the menu bar using Bookmarks -> Remove all Bookmarks.

Bookmark menu.png

Bookmark Folders

Folders can be created to organize the bookmarks. This can either be done by clicking Add Folder in the Add Bookmark dialog mentioned above or Bookmarks -> New Bookmark Folder in the menu bar.

Bookmark addbookmarkfolder.png

After that the folder appears in the combobox in the Add Bookmark dialog. Now bookmarks are organized in folders in the Bookmarks menu.

Bookmark menulistfolders.png

Bookmarks on the N900

The N900 version of Marble also supports bookmarks. It is part of the Go To... feature. The interface to add and choose bookmarks is very similar to that of the desktop version.



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