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Switching to KDE neon User Edition

Usually we do not actively support switching from one edition of KDE neon to another. The following migration path has been tested and should work as intended. Please note that any third party repositories such as PPAs, and non-KDE software installed via .deb files in general may inhibit the migration from working correctly. To be on the safe side we advise that you remove/downgrade the software and/or repositories.

Make a backup of all important data.

Have a new installation medium ready in case the switch goes wrong and you need to reinstall a fresh system.

Create a file called 40-neon-user-lts-migration in your home directory and put the following content inside

Package: *
Pin: release l=KDE neon - User Edition
Pin-Priority: 1100

Switch the repository

sudo sed -i --regexp-extended 's%(neon\.kde\.org.+)(/lts)%\1%g' /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*

Next run the following commands:

sudo mv $HOME/40-neon-user-lts-migration /etc/apt/preferences.d
pkcon refresh
pkcon update --only-download
pkcon offline-trigger

Next you need to restart your system and on startup it will migrate to user edition, followed by an automatic restart. As part of the migration the file you created will be automatically deleted. To ensure all software is at the expected versions it's advised to repeat the pkcon commands to apply remaining updates (if any):

pkcon refresh
pkcon update --only-download
pkcon offline-trigger

Don't forget to restart.

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