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This page documents how the features provided by the 'nepomuksearch' kioslave.


Nepomuk allows the creation of custom search folders via the 'nepomuksearch' kioslave. This kioslave can understand a number of different queries based on the custom Nepomuk query language.

The syntax for using the kioslave is as follows - nepomuksearch:/?query='Query' or nepomuksearch:/Query. Here "Query" is the special Nepomuk query.

Though Nepomuk stores a lot of different information, this kioslave will only show information that can be represented as a file.

Nepomuk Queries

Simple Queries

The simplest queries are just simple strings that can be used for full text search. Example - nepomuksearch:/Coldplay will search for all the files which contain the word "Coldplay".

Tag Queries

You can look for files which have been tagged with certain tags by writing the following query -


Combining different Queries

Multiple queries can be combined with the AND and OR operators. For example - Searching for a file with multiple tags - nepomuksearch:/hasTag:KDE and hasTag:Fire.


Certain properties of the query can be negated using the - operator.

Example - nepomuksearch:/hasTag:KDE and -hasTag:Fire. This will search for all the files which have the tag KDE and do not have the Fire.

Searchable Properties

hasTag is just one of the many properties that can be used for searching in Nepomuk. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used properties -

General Properties

  • title: - The title of the file. Useful for documents
  • filename - The filename
  • hasTag:
  • numericRating

Music Properties

  • performer:
  • musicAlbum:

Audio Properties

  • duration: - Has to be written in seconds
  • channels - Generally 1/2

Video Properties

  • duration
  • width
  • height

Image Properties

  • width
  • height
  • flash
  • whiteBalance
  • isoSpeedRatings
  • saturation
  • model
  • make
  • sharpness
  • orientation

Search Operators

Nepomuk offers a variety of different operators that can be used be used:

  • Contains :
  • Less <
  • Equal =
  • Greater >
  • LessEqual <=
  • GreaterEqual >=

Example - nepomuksearch:/rating<4 and width=320. This will search for all the files which have a rating less than 4 and a width of 320.

Testing Queries

The simplest way to test a query is through the command line kioclient list 'nepomuksearch:/rating<5' . This will print out all the files with a rating < 5. Once you are satisfied with the query you can run it in the proper application by typing kioclient exec 'nepomuksearch:/rating<5'