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You can watch for development at the project [http://okular.kde.org/ Home Page].
Geliştirme aşamasını proje [http://okular.kde.org/ Ana Sayfasından] izleyebilirsiniz.

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Okular Nedir?

left| Okular, KDE SC 4.x için evrensel bir belge göstericidir

Geliştirme aşamasını proje Ana Sayfasından izleyebilirsiniz.


Its development began as part of Google's Summer of Code program. The description of the project can be found at KDE Developer's Corner.

Okular combines the excellent functionalities of KPDF with the versatility of supporting different kind of documents, like PDF, Postscript, DjVu, CHM, and others.

The document format handlers page has a chart describing in more detail the supported formats and the features supported in each of them.

thumb|300px|center|Annotating in Okular

As well as supporting many formats, Okular offers such features as text selection, annotation, extraction of files embedded within a document, and many other surprises. Screenshots of Okular in action can be seen here.

You can talk to developers and other users on IRC, irc.freenode.org, channel #okular.

If you are interested in contributing to Okular, please contact the team. Programmers and non-coders alike are welcome.

Hints and Tips


In this forum topic a user stated that Okular could not print PDFs. The problem was traced to a corrupt ~/.cups/lpoptions. Renaming this file allows Okular to rebuild it, after which he had no more problem printing PDFs.

Reviewing Documents

Double clicking on either one of the Review tools (F6) allows you to make multiple annotations without having to reactivate the tool after the first time.

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