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This page lays out the sections that we would like to see in an ideal page. You should aim to get as many of the sections into your page as is practicable.

Available Tools

  • Tool Box shows you wiki markup for the effect you need
  • Typographical Guidelines standardises markup for use in translation, either to official manuals (DocBook) or to other languages.


Section Description Relevance
Language selector The i18n language bar previously used does not work with TranslateWiki. Please do not use it. A new language bar will be created by the first translation being prepared. deprecated
Image header A two-cell table containing a header, laid out with
{|class="tablecenter vertical-centered" 
|Short description
Features A brief feature list, under a heading, and consisting of bullet points. These are indented by default - no need to specify indentation. important
Details One or more heading giving more in-depth information about using the application optional
Screenshots Screenshots to illustrate the above, whenever feasible. These will usually be thumbnails, clickable for enlargement. The size will usually be in the range of 300px to 500px. important
Hints and Tips Short tips to increase productivity optional
Troubleshooting List them here or in a subpage optional
Weblinks Links to
  • an external project site
  • the application manual on
  • other useful internal or external pages
if existing
Category The category will normally be the name of the applications list that points to your page, e.g. applications listed under Applications/Office would show the statement [[Category:Office]]. important
A double-Enter is required to make a new paragraph. Please use this after any heading, as it puts headings in a separate translation unit which is preferred by translators using external tools.
If you are making frequent edits to your page, please use either {{Construction}} or {{Being_Edited}} so that translators know to wait until you are finished.
Avoid using text smilies as they cause problems for translation applications. Instead use [[Image:Face-smile.png]] Face-smile.png Other smilies can be found on [Commons Wikimedia] and the file-name is sufficient to get the image included

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