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<span lang="de">[[Parley/Manual/Vokabellernen im Mutliple Choice Modus|Deutsch]]</span> |
<span lang="en">[[Parley/Manual/How to study vocabulary in multiple choice mode|English]]</span> |
<span lang="it">[[Parley/Manual/Imparare vocaboli utilizzando multiple choice|Italiano]]</span>
The following how-to was originally posted on the [http://imld.i-iter.org/en/content/parley-how-to-study-vocabulary-in-multiple-choice-mode International Mother Language Day] website.
When launching Parley you will see something similer to the following on your screen. Let's assume you wish to open an existing file for Parley. Therefore just lick on ''Open an Existing Collection''.
[[Image:Parley 001 en.png|thumb|500px]]
Browse to the folder that contains your file, select it and click on ''OK'', or just doubleclick on it.
[[Image:Parley 002 en.png|thumb|500px]]
Parley opens the file and like you can see in this example, it is quite a huge one.
[[Image:Parley 003 en.png|thumb|500px]]
Selct: ''Practice/Configure Practice'' from the menu
[[Image:Parley 004 en.png|thumb|500px]]
Select ''Multiple Choice'' and click on OK
[[Image:Parley 005 en.png|thumb|500px]]
Click on ''Start Practice''
[[Image:Parley 006 en.png|thumb|500px]]
To avoid working on all approx. 3000 terms unselect ''Document Lesson'' and select, for example, ''NaWaRo'', or any other lesson you wish to train, then click on ''Start Practise''
[[Image:Parley 007 en.png|thumb|500px]]
And now you just need to give the right answers by clicking on the correct button ...
[[Image:Parley 008 en.png|thumb|500px]]
You can also ask to see the solution, if you don't know the word and want to learn it ...
[[Image:Parley 009 en.png|thumb|500px]]
And Parley shows up with the correct translation ...
[[Image:Parley 010 en.png|thumb|500px]]
And when your answer was wrong ...
[[Image:Parley 011 en.png|thumb|500px]]
You can see the correct answer ...
[[Image:Parley 012 en.png|thumb|500px]]
Enough? Well click on ''Stop Practice'' ...
And you get the practise summary from where you see your results of the training session.
[[Image:Parley 013 en.png|thumb|500px]]

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