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Task Status View


The Task Status View is used to inspect task progress information at a period, set in the configuration.

The tasks are divided into groups dependent on the status of the task:

Not Started Tasks that should have been started by now.
Running Tasks that have been started, but not yet finished.
Finished Tasks that were finished in this period
Next Period Tasks that are scheduled to be started in the next period.

Editing data

Progress information can be edited in-line as described here or by using the task progress dialog.

The following columns are displayed as default:

Column Description
Name The name of the task.
Status Task status
% Completion Task completion
Planned Effort The amount of work planned to be used at the end of the current period.
Actual Effort The amount of work spent.
Remaining Effort The remaining effort needed to complete the task.
Planned Cost The planned cost at the end of the current period.
Actual Cost The actual cost incurred.
Actual Start The actual start time of the task.
Actual Finish The actual finish time of the task.


Using the context menu, the view can be configured to split / unsplit the tree view or it can be configured using the configure dialog.

The configure dialog enables you to tailor the amount of information the view displays to fit your needs.