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This document is work in progress

The view selector

The View Selector is a docker that normally sits in the left edge of your workspace. It can be shown or hidden by toggling the menu item Settings->Dockers->View Selector.

The View Selector has two main functions; to enable you to select the view you want to work with, and to select the schedule from which project data is fetched.

If the project has not been scheduled or some tasks has not been scheduled in the selected schedule they are not included in views that depend on scheduled values. E.g. unscheduled tasks are not displayed in the Gantt View.

The Views are organized into Categories to make them easier to find:

  • Editors contains all views you need to use to define you project.
  • Views contains views you will normally use to inspect you scheduled project.
  • Execution contains view suitable during execution of your project.
  • Reports contains views for reports generation.

The view selector is configurable to enable you to tailor it for a particular project.

You can:

  • Move a view with drag-and-drop.
  • Rename a view or category by selecting Context-menu->Rename.
  • Remove a view or category by selecting Context-menu->Remove.
  • Add a view to a new or an existing category by selecting Context-menu->Insert'.

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