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|[[Image:Gantt2-500x383.png|500px]]||'''Manage projects with Plan'''
|[[Image:Gantt2-500x383.png|500px]]||'''Håndtér projekter med Plan'''

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Gantt2-500x383.png Håndtér projekter med Plan

Plan is a project management application. It is intended for managing moderately large projects with multiple resources.


  • Different types of task dependencies and timing constraints
  • Scheduling of tasks according to network and resource availability
  • Rescheduling from the current state of the project
  • Comparison with original schedule
Project scheduling and analyzes
  • Flexible entry of task progress
  • Detailed progress report
Task progress information
  • User interface optimized for keyboard entry
  • Costumizable views and editors
  • Tasks can be organized in a work breakdown structure
  • resources can be arranged in a resource breakdown structure
Resource brakdown structure
  • managing of costs in a coste breakdown structure


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