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Applets, Widgets and Plasmoids

Here are some of our favourites:

System Plasmoids

Device Notifier

The Device Notifier is used for handling pluggable devices such as USB pendrives (also called flash drives or thumb drives), digital cameras, external USB hard drives etc. It also comes into play when a medium such as a CD or DVD is loaded into an optical drive.

When the you plug in an external device, or load a new medium into a drive, KDE pops up the Notifier window (you can also open it explicitly by clicking on its Panel icon.) It stays open while the cursor is over it, otherwise it hides itself after a few seconds.

The Notifier window shows a list of all the devices it currently knows about. Moving the mouse cursor over a device will highlight how many possible actions are associated with that device. If the device is mounted, there will also be a small icon to the right of it. Clicking on this causes the device to be unmounted and/or the medium to be ejected. Note that unmounting/ejecting might fail if the device still has open files on it, e.g. if a large file copy hasn't finished. In most cases you can just wait a while and try again.

Clicking anywhere in the shaded box around the device name (but not on the eject/unmount icon if present) pops up a dialogue box with a list of possible actions that make sense for that device. Simply select one and click on OK or hit the Enter key. Double-clicking also works. The Cancel button dismisses the pop-up without taking any action.

Weather Plasmoids

LCD Weather Plasmoid

YAWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

CWP (Configurable Weather Plasmoid)

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