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=== Adding Encoding inside Quanta Toolbars ===
=== At tilføje tegnsæt til Quantas værktøjslinje ===
* Open '''Quanta Plus'''
* Open '''Quanta Plus'''

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Quanta.png Komplet webudviklings-applikation med forhåndsvisning ved et enkelt klik

Quanta Plus er et KDE's webudviklingsværktøj. Quanta er designet til hurtig webudvikling og er hurtigt ved at blive en veludviklet editor med mange nyttige funktioner.

Quanta viser projekt og editor


At tilføje tegnsæt til Quantas værktøjslinje

  • Open Quanta Plus
  • Go to the Configuration -> Configuration Toolbars menu
  • Select KatePartView Toolbar
  • Add Encoding to the right side in clicking on left arrow
  • Choose a beautiful icon if you want
  • Click on OK

How to use kdesvn (SVN) within Quanta

  • Make sure kdesvn is installed and working
  • Open Quanta Plus
  • Select Settings -> Configure Plugins...
  • Select Add...
  • Fill in values: Name -> kdesvnpart;

  • Select an icon if desired;
  • Output window -> Editor window (I prefer this);
  • File name -> kde3/libkdesvnpart.la;
  • Input -> Project Folder

  • Click OK
  • If loading fails, you can try to set a tick at Read only part
  • Now kdesvnpart should be listed
  • Close window and swich back to main window
  • Select Plugins > kdesvnpart and you will see kdesvn integrated in Quanta. Cool!

If you wish to have a toolbar icon to call kdesvnpart you have to modify your toolbar

  • Select Settings -> Configure toolbars...
  • Select toolbar Plugins Toolbar <quanta>
  • Select kdesvnpart on the left (Available actions) and move it to the right
  • Click on Change icon and choose the kdesvn program icon
  • Click on OK and the new icon appears right now.


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