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The fast, WebKit-based browser for lovers of Konqueror

Looks a lot like Konqueror? Yes, it does, and that is going to please a lot of people. So what is different?

  • It's a new application, not built on legacy code
  • It uses WebKit, giving access to a whole new set of features and tools, which will allow further development.
  • It's fast! Your legacy browsers will never feel the same again.

Let's look at its features - does it have the ones you loved in Konqueror? Well, it's still early days, but so far it can boast

  • A clean, uncluttered look
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Support for kde web shortcuts
  • Shares your Konqueror bookmarks
  • Import of html bookmark files
  • Shares your Konqueror cookies
  • Renders many pages that Konqueror struggles with
  • Can navigate in a proxied network
  • Has a privacy mode, for anonymous browsing
  • Can inspect web pages.

Click on any of these for an enlarged screenshot:

The Clean Look
Bookmark Editing
Watching Youtube

You'll find these and other screenshots on Picasa. The project's home page is here.

The developers can be found on the IRC channel #rekonq and there is a mailing list for your questions.

Take a quick tour with this mini-overview, then sit back and enjoy the experience.

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