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The fast, simple, WebKit-based browser

Looks very different from Konqueror? Yes, it does, and that is going to please a lot of people. So what is different?

  • It's a new application, not built on legacy code
  • It uses QtWebKit, giving access to a whole new set of features and tools, which will allow further development.
  • It's simple: no menubar, only one menu with the most important actions

Let's look at its features – does it have the ones you loved in Konqueror? Well, it's still early days, but so far it can boast

  • A clean, uncluttered look
  • Has only one bar for searches and urls
  • Support for kde web shortcuts
  • Tabbed and multi-window browsing
  • Shares your Konqueror bookmarks
  • Shares your Konqueror cookies
  • Renders many pages that Konqueror struggles with
  • Can navigate in a proxied network
  • Has a private browsing mode
  • Can inspect web pages.
  • Has a homepage with previews of your preferred sites

Click on any of these for an enlarged screenshot:

Multiple windows and youtube
History panel and "clear private data"
Integral page zoom, findbar and private browsing enabled

You'll find these and other screenshots on Picasa. The project's home page is here.

The developers can be found on the IRC channel #rekonq and there is a mailing list for your questions.

Take a quick tour with this mini-overview, then sit back and enjoy the experience. (This is a pretty outdated overview, since it shows version 0.0.4, while rekonq the current version is 0.4)

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