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Kpresenter main.png Presentations for screening or printing, Open Document Format, of course

  • Use rich text, with bullet points, indentation, spacing, colors, fonts, etc.
  • Set your background with color, gradients, pictures, clip-art, etc.

Kpresenter grad.png
  • Set many object properties such as background, gradients, pen, shadow, rotation, object specific settings, etc.
  • Advanced undo/redo;
  • Assign effects for animating objects and define effects for changing slides
  • Embed images and clip-art
Kpresenter embed.png
  • Organise your presentation with the Presentations Structure Viewer
  • Play your presentation with effects
  • Print to Postscript
Kpresenter features.png

You can find some real-life examples of presentations made with KPresenter at

Hints, Tips and Tutorials

This section is under construction

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