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 h Danish (da)Lær hvordan du [[Special:myLanguage/Plasma/Create_a_Look_and_Feel_Package | '''laver en look-and-feel-pakke''']]
 h English (en)Learn how to [[Special:myLanguage/Plasma/Create_a_Look_and_Feel_Package | '''Create a look and feel package''']]
 h Spanish (es)Learn how to [[Special:myLanguage/Plasma/Create_a_Look_and_Feel_Package | '''crear un paquete de apariencia''']]
 h French (fr)Apprendre comment [[Special:myLanguage/Plasma/Create_a_Look_and_Feel_Package | '''créer un paquetage de présentation''']]
 h Italian (it)Impara come [[Special:myLanguage/Plasma/Create_a_Look_and_Feel_Package | '''creare un pacchetto aspetto''']]
 h Ukrainian (uk)Дізнайтеся як [[Special:myLanguage/Plasma/Create_a_Look_and_Feel_Package|'''створити пакунок вигляду і поведінки середовища''']]