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The default way to capture your screen to a file is to press the PrintScreen key. The program Spectacle will pop up. It allows you to capture

  • the complete screen
  • single windows
  • a rectangular region on the screen

However, some people want their screenshots to be stored without any further interaction. This can be useful during documentation work when you want to do a lot of screenshots without interrupting work. One solution is to set up Shift+PrintScreen to trigger a screenshot. To do this

  • start System Settings, navigate to Shortcuts -> Custom Shortcuts -> Take Full Screen Screenshot
  • click on Trigger -> Shortcut and press Shif+Printscreen. Shift+Print should then appears in the button:
Setting up Shift+PrintScreen as global shortcut
  • click on Apply

Now whenever you press Shift+PrintScreen your screen will be saved to your Pictures folder with a timestamp in its name, e.g. Screenshot_20190107_224731.png.

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