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|[[Image:Trash-empty.png|64px]]|| ||'''Sweeper protects your privacy on a shared computer'''
|[[Image:Trash-empty.png|64px]]|| ||'''Sweeper protects your privacy on a shared computer'''

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Trash-empty.png   Sweeper protects your privacy on a shared computer

Sweeper offers you two big advantages

  • It can regain disk space
  • It can remove evidence of your activities on a computer that is shared

To do this it removes, with your agreement

  • Saved clipboard contents
  • Recent Documents
  • Recent Applications
  • Run command history
  • Your thumbnail cache

It also cleans up your web activity, removing, if required

  • Cookies and cookie policy
  • Web history and cache
  • 'Favourite' Icons
  • Form completion entries

You can elect to remove any or all of these. You decide the balance between convenience and privacy.

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