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===Activar <keycap>Control + Alt + Backspace</keycap> para matar [[Special:myLanguage/Glossary#X-Server|X-Server]]===
===Activar <keycap>Control + Alt + Backspace</keycap> para matar [[Glossary#X-Server|X-Server]]===
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Este artículo se refiere a la versión 4.5.1. de KDE SC, y puede que no sea aplicable a versiones anteriores.


Activar Control + Alt + Backspace para matar X-Server

En la pestaña Avanzado, asegúrate de que Opciones de configuración del teclado está activa. Luego busca en la lista "Atajo de teclado para matar el servidor X". A continuación, debes poder activar Control + Alt + Backspace. Una vez hecho esto, haz clic en Aplicar.

Enable Ctrl + Alt + Backspace to kill X-Server.png

Enable Compose key

Compose is a feature that allows you to write any character you want, no matter the keyboard layout you are using, by pressing a certain key (Compose key) and a series of keys. You could, i.e., associate ‘~’ and ‘n’ characters so they get replaced by a ‘ñ’ character when they are pressed after pressing Compose key. There are many default key combinations, and you can customize Compose configuration file so it better fits your specific needs. You will find more information here.

To enable this feature, first make sure Configure keyboard options is enabled under Advanced tab. Then, check a key from Compose key position tree. Finally, click Apply. From now on, you will be able to use that key as Compose key.

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