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Here you can configure which applications or scripts should be executed as soon as you log into [[Special:myLanguage/Plasma|Plasma Desktop Workspace]]. You might want to add here applications which are always working, like [[Special:myLanguage/KAlarm|KAlarm]] or [[Special:myLanguage/KTorrent|KTorrent]].
在这,你可以设定那些程序或是脚本需要在你登录 [[Special:myLanguage/Plasma|Plasma Desktop 工作空间]]时执行。你可能想在这添加那些经常会需要打开运行的程序,如 [[Special:myLanguage/KAlarm|KAlarm]] [[Special:myLanguage/KTorrent|KTorrent]]

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在这,你可以设定那些程序或是脚本需要在你登录 Plasma Desktop 工作空间时执行。你可能想在这添加那些经常会需要打开运行的程序,如 KAlarmKTorrent

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