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System Settings/Workspace Theme

Plasma let you fully customize your workspace theme.

Look And Feel

In this section you can choose the general theme for your desktop environment.

Look and Feel settings windows

Before changing a theme, you can preview the selected theme.

Look and Feel preview

In the KDE store, you can find more look and feel theme.

Look and Feel store

All this change can be make from the terminal with the tool lookandfeeltool. Type lookandfeeltool --help for more information.

Look and Feel theme can be created by the user, follow this tutorial for more information.

Desktop Theme

This section help you configure the theme of your desktop. This change don't apply to application.

Desktop Theme settings windows

In the KDE Store, you can find more desktop theme.

Desktop Theme store

Mouse Cursor Theme

This section help you configure the look of the mouse cursor.

Mouse Cursor Theme settings windows

You can also configure the cursor size.

In the KDE Store, you can find more mouse cursor theme.

Mouse Cursor Theme store

Splash Screen Theme

The splash screen is the small loading screen occurring just after a successful login. The splash screen is displayed during the time, plasma is loading.

Splash Screen Theme settings windows

You can choose to remove it by selecting none, it can decrease the startup time.

Splash Screen Theme store

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