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Ovládacie centrum pre KDE softvér and pracovné prostredie.

V niektorých distribúciách ako napríklad openSUSE, sú Systémové nastavenia známe ako Personal Settings


  • System manager for global KDE platform settings
  • Customize and manage your desktop in one convenient location
  • Search function helps narrow down probable settings
  • Pointing at an icon displays a tooltip with more information about it


When the keyboard focus is in the icon window, you can type the first few letters of any module name to select it.

System Settings has a search function to help in hunting down a setting. Simply type in a keyword in the Search field in the toolbar and System Settings will display modules that contain the keyword and hide those that don't.

Searching for "key".

You can also search for and open System Settings modules in KRunner.


Common Appearance and Behavior

Account Details

Preferences-desktop-user.png Configure your user information, password and paths. You can also configure your Social Desktop providers.

Application Appearance

Preferences-desktop-theme.png Configure your applications style, colors, icons, fonts and emoticons.

Application and System Notifications

Preferences-desktop-notification.png Configure the notifications you want to receive from the system, and from applications

File Associations

Preferences-desktop-filetype-association.png Set default actions and icons for different types of files.


Preferences-desktop-locale.png Language, numeric, and time setting for your particular region. Allows you to apply translation (locale) to whole KDE Desktop or change spellchecker parameters.

Personal Information

Preferences-desktop-user.png Configure the resources used to manage your address book, calendar, and notes

Shortcuts and Gestures

Preferences-desktop-keyboard.png Configure keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures.

Workspace Appearance and Behaviour

Desktop Effects

Preferences-desktop.png Configure desktop effects such as window animations, transparency, or the desktop cube.

Workspace Appearance

Preferences-desktop-theme.png Configure the appearance of windows, cursors, and the desktop.


Preferences-desktop-accessibility.png Settings to help users who have difficulty hearing audible cues, or who have difficulty using a keyboard.

Default Applications

Preferences-desktop-default-applications.png Set the default applications for common tasks, such as browsing the web, writing email, or managing files.

Search Desktop

Nepomuk.png Settings for the desktop search engine.

Window Behaviour

Preferences-system-windows.png Configure task switching, and how windows respond to mouse actions.

Workspace Behaviour

Plasma.png Settings for overall workspace behaviour and virtual desktops.

Network and Connectivity


Preferences-system-bluetooth.png Use Bluedevil to set up connections to your Bluetooth devices.

Network Settings

Preferences-system-network.png Preferences for your network connections and proxy settings.

SSL Preferences

Preferences-system.png Manage SSL certificates.


Preferences-system-network-sharing.png Settings for sharing files with Windows machines over a network.


Device Actions

System-run.png Configure which actions are available when a new device is connected to your machine.

Digital Camera

Camera-photo-48.png Settings for connecting to your digital cameras.

Display and Monitor

Video-display-48.png Configuration of your monitor(s) and screensaver settings.

Information Sources

Preferences-system.png Configuration of hardware for network, remote control, and modems.

Input Devices

Preferences-desktop-peripherals.png Configure your keyboard, mouse and joystick.

Power Management

Preferences-system-power-management.png Global settings for the power manager.

Removable Devices

Drive-removable-media.png Configure automatic handling of removable storage media.


Applications-multimedia.png Configure the handling of audio CDs

System Administration

Date & Time

Preferences-system-time.png Settings for date and time.

Font Installer

Preferences-desktop-font.png Install, manage, and preview fonts.

Login Screen

Preferences-system-login.png Configure the login manager (KDM).

Startup and Shutdown

Preferences-other.png Configure your system behavior when starting up or shutting down.

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